Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Roses and Hollyhocks

Want a groovy somewhat disease-resistant perennial hollyhock that is tall but not a skyscraper, therefore it plays well with others? Here is Aunt Brownie Fig, blooming her fool canes off in a photo from December 2007 (accidental photo, kinda blurry). The color is richer in cool weather and becomes a light, clear pink as the temps heat up in the summer. I've seen rust this winter but but less in the summer. She's from Annie's Annuals in Richmond, CA.

The rose is Tequila (not Tequila Sunrise). This rose was off-the-hook blooming like crazy last year and these photos are from November 2007. I didn't spray or feed, just top-dressed with some organic compost and stand back. I love this rose. I bought the last two at the nursery and they are hard to find. It has a loose habit, shiny healthy foliage and the color of the blooms changes with age to take on a rosey-peachy tone. I pruned it high this year. Last summer I whacked it back severely after a real hard bloom and it came back bigger and better. Fewer thorns are noted on new growth than the average rose.

Please see next entry for photos.

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